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     Just like in war, no one fights alone.  The companies below signed on to our mission and either serve our premium blends or sell our bags locally.  Your patronage of these fine establishments contributes to our mission and goal of enabling the success of charities directly supporting veterans.


Nestled in the North Carolina side of the Smokies lies one of the best bike shops and taprooms on the East Coast.  So whether you're looking for a bike rental, sale, repair, a brew or one of our premium coffees; stop by their shop in Bryson City and these guys will hook you up.  Oh yeah and they're our first distributor!

Tsali Cycles & Taproom


Want to join the fight and invest in the success of veterans?  Well we need you.  We're looking for all types of organizations and individuals to serve and sell our products.  We can scale to any order and will custom theme to meet your needs. Wholesale options available too.

Enlist Now!


Another early enlistee to our cause, our squad at CMV serves our coffee in the their awesome Smoky Mountain vacation rentals.  So if you find yourself hearing the call of the mountains, book a place with this crew.  Make sure to let them know your on Team Joe and would  like your coffee ration too.

Carolina Mountain Vacations


Local comfort food restaurant in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom with great food and beverage.  These particular heroes swapped their beverage menu on Veterans Day 2018 and served our blends and donated the profits to charity.  We're proud to have them fight along side for the cause.

Three Ponds

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