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Supporting Charities Directly Helping Our Heroes

True to our word, proceeds from all of our sales are contributed to any charity that directly supports veterans.  These groups go beyond "awareness" and require significant support to do what they do.  Please join us in supporting these outstanding organizations and check back often as we find more partners to support Joe!!!

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Committed to improving the physical, spiritual, and economic wellbeing of veterans, Boulder Crest provides combat veterans and their families (including Gold Star families) expense free retreats at one of their two locations. 

Boulder Crest Retreat

Hand Holding Branch

Know of a deserving charity? Email your charity and we will reach out to you.

Your Charity

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Talk about a match made in heaven! Full Metal Jacket Firearms of Rio Rancho, NM organizes a monthly Veterans Coffee Hour promoting fraternity, support, and mentor-ship among veterans of all backgrounds.  From what I hear, the coffee is pretty good too!

Full Metal Jacket


Imagine getting behind the controls of an aircraft and learning to fly.  Now imagine doing it with a missing limb or other traumatic injury.  The crew at Resurgence PPG does just that- taking wounded warriors and teaching them to fly powered paragliders and restoring their confidence and purpose in life.

Resurgence PPG

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